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  1. Do we use thermal protections on our power units?

    Yes, we use, on every power unit, an oil temperature protection element (70 °C) and motor thermistors (110 °C). These protections must be connected to the controller before commissioning.

  2. Which motor connection types are available?

    Various connection types are available: direct starting, star-delta starting, or for soft starter device.

  3. Which oil type can be used?

    We recommend ISO VG 46 oil.
    > See annex


  4. The lift does not start in up direction

    Unscrew slightly screw number 7, until the lift starts with the desired acceleration.
    > See annex


  5. The lift starts with a jump

    Close screw number 7 until the lift starts with the desired acceleration.


  6. The lift does not reach the nominal speed in up direction

    Valve block 15/650 l/min included HL-MyLift two speed.
    > See annex


  7. The lift does not decelerate when stopping at the floor, in up or down direction

    Unscrew regulation number 4 by ¼ of revolution. If the problem is not solved, please see annex.
    > See annex


  8. The lift vibrates at low speed, in up or down direction.

    Unscrew regulation number 6 by ½ of revolution.


  9. The lift does not start in down direction

    Verify the electrovalve power supply and unscrew regulation U by ¼ recolution.


  10. The lift does not reach the nominal speed in down direction

    > See annex


  11. How to check the safety pressure?

    Close the ball valve, make a cabin call in up direction and verify the manometer pressure; if it is different than the required value, please set screw no. 5.


  12. How to test the pipe rupture valve?

    If you have a MORIS mechanical valve (MH2V excluded): bring the lift (empty or fully loaded) at the topmost floor. Close fully regulation no.2 on the distributor block. Uncrew regulation 8 by 20 mm (before doing so, take the original measure) and make a call in down direction. When the test is over, unscrew regulation by 3.5 revolutions and restore the original setting of screw 8.


  13. How to recharge the pressure inside the KMI device?

    Close the ball valve and use the hand pump, till a pressure of 55 bar (read on the KMI device manometer) is reached.



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