VEM – Moris Electronic Valve

VEM250 - Moris Electronic Valve

7 ways to ensure excellent travel comfort in every condition and maximum energy and cost saving:


  1. FUNCTIONALITY: all functions required by contemporary lifts enclosed in a single product
  2. CUSTOMIZATION: travel speed can be customized in all sections of the lift travel, in order to adapt it to every installation
  3. SUSTAINABILITY:  the reduction of the travel time ensures a tangible energy saving, by reducing the motor running time; additionally, the hydraulic circuit is greatly simplified with respect to a standard mechanical valve, ensuring a reduction of the pressure losses
  4. SERVICEABILITY: parameter customization and maintanance of the valve are easily executed with a dedicated smartphone app or via a laptop. The board parameters can be edited and saved on the board, and shared.
  5. CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth and USB. Predisposition for CANbus connection.
  6. COMFORT: The set speed is maintained constant with different load and different oil temperatures, ensuring precise travels in every condition
  7. CERTIFICATION: he valve meets the requirements of EN 81.20 and EN 81.50 and is certified as part of a system against unintended car movements (UCMP). Having onboard a double safety valve and a monitoring aid, it guarantees the compliance to the norms, without the need of external valves.