It is the HOME LIFT power unit with submerged motor that allows for the reduction of the overall dimensions and for the maximum silence guaranteeing the improvement of the aesthetics. Its particular elongated shape, in fact, allows to place power unit in narrow and small spaces.

It ensures in all condition of use the maximum comfort, guaranteed by the great flexibility of adjustments of the valve block. The integrated hand pump and emergency lowering button, the ball valve, the IP2X electrical connection box will ensure quality and adherence to current norms (EN 81-41).

It is available in two versions, with pump up to 30 l/min and monophase (M) and 3-phase ( T ) motor and it is able to satisfy installations with 3 stops and with small load with working oil capacity of up to 40 liters.





Use case Home lift
Valve type Double speed- MH2V
Dimension 260x230x1295
Oil capacity Working=40 Minimum=5
Operating pressure bar Min.=12 Max.=45
Pump flow 8 to 30
Motor power 0,75/(1) to 3/(4)
Oil collection Not available
Characteristics Maximun noise reduction, smooth ride, compact dimensions



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