This is the HOME LIFT power unit, designed for every type of domestic lift, that combines model's comfort with submerged motor to considerable energy savings.

The integrated hand pump, emergency lowering button, electro valves ball valve, IP2X electrical connection box will ensure quality and correspondence to current norms (EN 81-41).

It is available in two versions, with pump up to 30 l/min and monophase (M) and 3-phase (T) motor and it is able to satisfy needs of long-travel installations over 20 meters.



Specific machineroom cabinet


MORIS Italia has a range of lifting platform cabinets, made of plastic-coated steel, with a compact and functional design, and flexible placement.

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Use case Home lift
Valve type Mechanical, single and double speed-MH2V
Dimension 600x310x600
Oil capacity Working=38 Minimum=4
Operating pressure bar Min.=12 Max.=45
Pump flow 8 to 30
Motor power 0,75/(1) to 3/(4)
Oil collection Available as option on request
(integrated into the L.M. cabinet)
Characteristics Cost efficient, smooth ride, energy efficient.



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