The machine directive 2006/42/CE has introduced safety requirements that also impact on elevators specifically concerning protection against unintended car movements. These requirements have been implemented by the EN 81-2: 2010 and they have been included in "Amendment A3" and EN 8120.

Uncontrolled movement happens when the cabin with open doors, moves downwards; this movement must be stopped in such a way that the distance between the car floor of the cab and that of the landing floor is not greater than 1200 mm. The free distance between the upper end of the cabin doors and the landing floor must not be less than 1000 mm. Both requests must be satisfied at the same time.

MORIS Italia offers three products designed and developed in compliance with the following directives

  • Lift directive 2014/33/UE
  • EN81-2:1998, A3:2009
  • EN 81-20:2014
  • EN 81-50:2014


The HMSV safety valves are electrically operated control valves for hydraulic lifts. Installed on the distributor block, they allow the oil flow during the up direction and do not allow it in the opposite direction unless the solenoid valve is powered.

HMSV: valve body optimized for installation on MORIS mechanical valves