Mechanical power unit for lifts ensures comfort and optimal silence combined with the best quality and price for all installations in medium-traffic residential environments.
The resistant structure- realized in steel plate protected by industrial painting, tested to guarantee perfect oil highness over time- with compact and functional design - promises simple and rapid maintenance.
Valve block, certified “until 45 bar”, made of cast, as the internal spools that are additionally treated a with specific hardening process, ensures total efficiency and maximum safety.
The power unit hose connection, with integrated ball valve and filter, can be rotated according to the installation type, simplifying the assembly both in the local machine and in a dedicated metal cabinet.
The hand pump, fixed to the power unit in an easily accessible position, allows maximum functionality in case of emergency.


Electronic Power units are available with integrated electronic valve that involves a high comfort’s degree of speed and the best silence combined with energy efficiency. The saving on the power absorption of electricity can reach 30%.
It is ideal in residential and public environments with high traffic and short travels thanks to the modularity of the electronic valve. Thanks to the electronically-controlled valve, the same optimal performances are assured in all oil viscosity conditions, also reducing heat generation.
In all conditions of use it guarantees correct positioning at level floor.
With a compact design, electronic valves require reduced maintenance. All the operations are possible using the dedicated keypad.
The positioning in the cabinet is greatly helped by the valve and metallic tank dimensions, to ensure the system’s modularity.
Hand pump is integrated in the valve block, in a position that facilitates emergency procedures.




Specific machineroom cabinet


MORIS Italia offers a series of different size cabinets in compliance with the EN 81.20: 2014, for containing the power unit and the control panel.
The recovery tank for the total oil quantity is integrated in the controller. These cabinets are an example of practicality, as the modular structure allows for the flexible positioning of the power unit and the relative tank.

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Mechanical valve Electronical valve
Use case Home lift - Standard lift
Valve type Mechanical IValve/ LRV
Dimension 717x320x970
Oil capacity Utile/Working = 70 - Minimo/Minimum = 45
Operating pressure bar Min. = 12 Max = 45 (Mechanical Valve) Min =12 Max =60 (Electronical Valve)
Pump flow 18/150 Mechanical 18/150 Electronical
Motor power 2 /15(2,7/20) Mechanical 2/15 (2,7/20) Electronical
Oil collection Available: 780x365x625
Characteristics Silent, compact dimensions



Accessories section intro
Oil collection tank

Oil collection tank in compliance with the EN 81.20: 50.

Soft stop

Soft stop

Suitable for maximum comfort in the installations at hotels, luxury facilities, health clinics, the SOFT-STOP valve intervenes to adjust the phase of arrest in a gentle way cabin in all load conditions.

Down re-levelling electrovalve

Recommended for lifts, car lifts systems, high low, ensures the maintenance of the car at the door level by increasing the safe loading and unloading operations. The power (2.2 kW) of the auxiliary motor reduces power consumption and engine wear group / main pump.

Heat exchanger 5/10

Heat exchanger 5/10

Recommended for public buildings, hospitals, high-traffic facilities, the use guarantees optimum operation of your lift in high traffic conditions. Available for all models of hydraulic power units.