The CIF-2 mechanical power unit represents the best solution for new installations in medium-traffic residential environments and for old system modernizations. This power unit ensures optimal silence and eliminates the space dedicated to the power unit cabinet, since it is positioned in the standard height elevator pit.
The CIF-2 has a particular structure with an inclined plane that prevents the control unit from being used as a support base and that increases the safety space in the pit. It is built with resistant materials that make it reliable and safe in its operation, it works with a quantity of 70 liters of minimum oil and 200 liters of useful oil and it can contain pumps with a capacity from 35 to 250 l /min. The emergency controls are remoted to the floor to ensure maximum functionality in case of an emergency maneuver.


Available in the version with electronic valve LRV guarantees a high level of ride comfort, maximum silence and energy efficiency - saving up to 30% on the absorption of power from the electricity.
It is ideal for medium-traffic civil and public environments thanks to the modularity of the electronic valve. Thanks to the electronically-controlled valve, the same optimal performances are assured in all oil viscosity conditions, also reducing heat generation.
In all conditions of use it guarantees correct positioning at level floor.
With a compact design, electronic valves require reduced maintenance. All the operations are possible using the dedicated keypad.





Mechanical Electronical
Use case Standard lift
Valve type Mechanical LRV
Dimension 1300x555x450
Oil capacity Utile/working=200 Minimo/minimum=70
Operating pressure bar Min. = 12 Max = 45 (Mechanical Valve) Min =12 Max =60 (Electronical Valve)
Pump flow 35/250 Mechanical 35/250 Electronical
Motor power 2/22,5 ( 2,7/30) Mechanical 2/22,5( 2,7/30) Electronical
Oil collection Not available
Characteristics Positioned in the pit, remoted emergency commands