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Home Lift ECO KIT

MORIS Italia, in partnership with Mastech, SMS Sistemi e Microsistemi introduced a new integrated solution, dedicated to energy-saving lifting platforms.

Home Lift ECO KIT


  • The Motion Technology for Lifting platform is realized with low voltage 48 Volt motor, inverter and battery charger, all integrated in a dedicated controller.
  • Nominal motor power up to 2.2 kW, combined with pumps up to 23 l/min.
  • Suitable for new installations and modernizations.
  • The standard lift operations are assured also during black-outs.
  • Power absorption from electrical network is minimal: < 300W when batteries are charging, < 20W with fully charged batteries, even when cabin is travelling.
  • Easy installation and commissioning.


  • The equipment is always ready to work: in case of a black-out, 20 complete cabin travels (*) are assured. No more stair-climbing!
  • The lifting platform can be installed under the standard home 3 kW power supply connection, together with all other home appliances, since the maximum power consumption is 300 W only – as a refrigerator!
  • Easy installation: the system is factory-tested and pre-assembled and can be retro-fitted to nearly every commissioned lifting platform, MORIS and non-MORIS
  • Smooth, jerk-free starting and stopping, regulated by the VVVF (upwards) and by the distributor valve (downwards **).
  • Every component is Made in Italy, for maximum reliability and long life.(*) real measured value, obtained with 4x batteries, 24 Ah each, 300 kg car load, 3 m car travel.(**) the MORIS hydraulic distributor ensures a smooth downward stopping, thanks to U1 regulation.

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