Coronavirus emergency. our measures to prevent it


In order to contain as much as possible the Coronavirus spreading, MORIS Italia has already taken preventive actions, by hygienizing all inbound and outbound materials, arriving at and leaving from our Brebbia premises. By doing so, we intended to enforce, in addition to WHO-OMS preventing actions, an even stronger process to protect MORIS community and our Italian and foreign customers. The sanification of our products is made by means of an hydroalcoholic, odourless and colourless solution, in order to cut bacterial, viral and fungal load from all surfaces (power units, pistons, and related accessories). MORIS Italia has also taken extraordinary measures in order to protect its logistic teams and the truck drivers: we test the body fever daily to all our employees and to all visitors, including the truck drivers; we always wear the protective mask in front of the driver; we perform all loading/unloading operations without the driver’s presence; we ask the driver to stay in the truck cabin.

Best regards,

MORIS Italia Srl