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Quality policy and targets


MORIS Management based its Quality policy on the following general objectives:

The policy should be

  • appropriate to the organization targets
  • aimed at the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • communicated and understood among the organization
  • periodically reviewed, in order to be continuously on-target

The satisfaction of our customers is a necessary condition for our Company’s good results.

The Customer’s general satisfaction is therefore the main objective of our activity. We pursue this strategy by following these action points:

  • The management of a quality system which assures the conformity of our product to our customers’ specifications
  • The continuous innovation of the production methods, to obtain better abd better performances and productivity
  • The reduction of rework due to mistakes during production
  • The reach of a high level of collaboration with our suppliers, as a mean to ensure a constant quality, independently from the ordered product type.

MORIS Management is committed to:

  • invest all necessary resources to better structure the Company, and to equip themselves with the needed human and technological resources
  • involve the biggest possible number of people in the improvement processes

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